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The Firm

In 2007, Robert Gaul founded a law firm focused on two things: subrogation and a commitment to provide unsurpassed client service. While the firm has grown adding attorneys, support staff and extending its geographic scope those two founding principles continue to guide and inform that growth.

Gaul & Associates, P.C., is uniquely focused on the investigation and litigation of subrogation claims in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. The firm’s structure, personnel and resources are dedicated to obtaining subrogation recoveries.

Now and in the future, the firm will continue to be guided by its focus on subrogation and unyielding commitment to client service.

Client Service

Our firm is built on relationships. We are committed to our clients and work everyday to exceed their expectations for service and results, to ensure that every client interaction with the firm is a positive experience and that the client’s goals and objectives control how each claim is handled.

Large Loss Investigation

The firm has extensive experience coordinating the early on-scene investigation of large subrogation claims. We understand this critical stage of the investigation, know which experts to hire, what evidence to preserve and how to advance the recovery process. By quickly formulating a theory, hiring the experts necessary to advance that theory and giving adverse parties notice and an opportunity to inspect the scene, we have successfully resolved many large subrogation claims shortly after the first party claim is concluded.

Experts on Experts

Hiring the right expert is often critical to a successful recovery.  The firm maintains ongoing relationships with a diverse network of experts in the Mid-Atlantic region and throughout the country.

Waivers of Subrogation

These clauses often appear in leases and can preclude an otherwise viable subrogation claim. Our expertise in subrogation allows the firm to quickly identify waivers that can be attacked and defeated. Challenges to these clauses can be based on the language of the provision, the parties to the agreement and possibly the terms of the insurance policies issued by the respective carriers. We have litigated, evaluated and drafted waivers of subrogation and know when to challenge them.

Spoliation of Evidence

Understanding this fundamental concept of evidence preservation can mean the difference between a strong claim and no claim. The doctrine of spoliation can and should be used affirmatively against potential defendants. Our extensive experience in the early investigation of large losses allows us to quickly identify the appropriate course of action when we control the scene and to use the doctrine affirmatively to ensure evidence in the possession of others is preserved and, if not, to advance our case by seeking summary judgment, jury charges and other sanctions against the adverse party.

Subrogation Seminars

The firm frequently gives presentations to claims professionals on a wide range of subrogation issues from evidence handling during on-site investigations to hiring the right expert.  We work with our clients to tailor our seminars to the company’s claim operation.